Dubai Dolphinarium

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Dubai Dolphinarium is a well-recognized amusement venue providing first class entertainment for the whole family.

The one and only “Live Dolphin and Seal Show” in the region is a 45 minutes spectacular performance where the audience witness our bottlenose dolphins – Senya, Ksyusha, Jerry, Tetka and Fekla and playful northern fur seals – Max, Gosha, Lusha and Fila play basketball, sing, jump, paint, juggle and even dance. The show is full of action and involves the dolphins interacting both with audience and the trainers.

Lights & Laser Show

Dubai Dolphinarium has incorporated a light and laser show into our Dolphin and Seal presentation.
The lasers play an important role in enhancing the show atmosphere. Our DJs spent many days and nights perfecting the lasers in conjunction with the music and the result are certainly something we encourage all of our future guests to come and see.

So come along to Dubai Dolphinarium for an exciting adventure into our underwater world.

Rules & Policy

Please note that these rules and regulations are not exhaustive.  Please refer to the ticket stub, application form or other media as provided by Dubai Dolphinarium for each particular activity that the public is involved with.

General Rules

  • Dubai Dolphinarium is a public venue, dress code is important and should follow Dubai Municipality Standards
  • Dubai Dolphinarium reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals deemed not in the best interest of the public or Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Food or beverages from outside Dubai Dolphinarium are not allowed
  • SHOW TIMINGS, PROGRAMS and PRICES are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Dubai Dolphinarium show ticket does not include ENTRY FEE to the park. All entrants must pay AED 5.00 to Enter Creek Park: this fee is made by Dubai Municipality and is non-negotiable.
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