Crab Hunting

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Crab hunting is an excellent activity to try out while in the United Arab Emirates. The crab hunting trip takes the team to the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, around 30 minutes drive from Dubai. Once at the resort hotel, you will be served tea with light snacks. After a few minutes of relaxation, the team travels by small boats to the crab hunting area.

Boats ferry you to natural mangroves abundant with crabs and with special lightsyou will experience an event of a life time. Your family will be accompanied with masters in this trade to assist you in hunting crabs. The adventure climaxes when your catch is cooked and served for your dinner buffet .The entire program is ferried in the night at low tides so that even your kids cantry their skills.

Hunting takes place using spears, like in olden days, with the help of just a flashlight. Under the guidance of experts, you are bound to have a CRAB of a time!

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