Aqua Venture Water Park

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Aquaventure Waterpark is over flowing with 42 fun-filled acres for all ages. Experience heart-thumping slides that catapult you through shark filled lagoons, uphill water roller coasters, never ending rapid river adventures and up-close animal encounters. Kids will love Splashers, a children’s play area designed just for them. Or you can choose to relax on our private beach surrounded by lush tropical landscapes.

The Tower of Neptune Waterslides

Venture into The Tower of Neptune to start your adventures on our heart-pumping waterslides.

Are you brave enough to take The Leap of Faith? This slide will have you falling over 9 stories in a mere second before you find yourself speeding through a clear acrylic tube surrounded by sharks and rays.

Shark Attack! In a one or two person inner-tube you begin spinning down into the blackness of the Tower of Neptunemysterious core before emerging through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace.

Master Blaster Water Coasters
Experience a mix of sensations as you ride on these water coasters. Using innovative technology you will be propelled up and down on jets of water before careening down dark tunnels to be eventually released back into our lazy river. Each ride is always a new adventure.

Aquaventure River Rides

Surrounding the Ziggurat is our 1.6 kilometre river adventure, The Rapids. Whilst on your inner-tube you will experience high intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls. The Rapids is also our sophisticated park transport system that allows you to float along or return to the waterslides without ever having to get off your inner-tube. It’s one never-ending adventure.

Along the Rapids you will find a variety of zero entry pools and spacious sun decks that are perfect for taking a leisurely dip or just relaxing.

If you are looking for action that will keep you at the edge of you inner-tube, then check out The Torrent. This wave generator simulates a wave surge that is capable of swells reaching over 1 metre high. The laughs will be endless as you ride up and down on these wave crests.

Splasher’s Children’s Play Area

Not to forget even the youngest visitors, Splashers is a water playground featuring elaborate water games, slides and climbing structures, providing a world of thrills and lots of water spills designed just for kids less than 1.2 metres. Watch your children delight in the interactive climbing frames or challenge one another across one of the five rope bridges that interconnect with ten water slides. But beware they might just direct one of the water jets and cannons at you.

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